Carli Gellings

Dancer and technique

Name:  Carli Gellings
Job description:   dancer and technique
Education:  Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten / Dance Academy (Tilburg)
With Woest since: 2017
Woest performance(s): Balancing Bodies & Lucky Shots.
Others work: Karolien Verlinden (Tuning People) together with fABULEUS, Recoil / Talitha de Decker, Monsieur Même / Max Last,  WILD / Anne Thuot & fABULEUS and Choco of kaas? / LAPvzw.
Overig: With her graduation solo she won the competition of Best Dutch and Belgium Dans solo 2016 at Tweetakt Festival, so she could create her first performance ‘ Dit betekent voorlopig dat alles hetzelfde blijft’ 2017. As maker and performers she created This Side Up. She teaches at Het Heilig Graf instituut, SAMWD Lier and MOOSS.