performance for children

Look back far enough and you look forward again

2012 – 2014

A cooperation between fABULEUS, Krokusfestival and Cie. Woest.

What if you put two dancers in an area whose boundaries lead a life of their own, where the walls literally come at you? Woest took this radical scenographic idea as their starting point. A tiger leaps to its death, as in mid-flight a wall appears out of nowhere, a choreography of seven mile boots shrinks forced together to dwarf passes.

The audience is presented with an interchangeable environment, which moves from a nightmare to a Tom-and-Jerry-cartoon, and then another change and the performers are inside a a computer game. Within these shaky boundaries the dancers are looking for solid ground and in that search perhaps they find each other.

Look back far enough and you look forward again is about borders in all possible meanings of the word: the challenging of a limit, the frustration of physical limitation, the allure of trespassing and the desire to command control over all the divisions to bring people closer to each other. This combination is a recipe for a performance packed full of acrobatic dance, absurd associations and fine humor.

And if you look back at this performance, after a few days, you can still enjoy it.

Tuur Devens – Theaterkrant (Dutch review)

• Direction: Manon Avermaete • Performance: Paulien Truijen, Sarah Vingerhoets Music: Steven Holsbeeks • Scenography: Menno Vandevelde • Dramaturgy: Gerhard Verfaillie • Coaching: Filip Bilsen • Production: fABULEUS • Co-production: Krokusfestival Hasselt • Technique: Klaas Trekker, Steven Marynissen • Photography: Amaury Avermaete