site specific theater

Suitable Case

2010 – 2011

Woest was part of Aterlier Oerol – a programm for young artists. Our love for site-specific theater was born here!

Three characters in business suits are running up and down in a strict pattern. Uninspired and disinterested in the rest of the world they work like madmen; each of them stuck in their own boring and lonely routine of life.

A suitcase in the middle of their path changes everything. It pulls, breaks and pushes with an incredible force. It gives them energy, it makes them doubt their current existence, it is convincing and gives them the chance to enter a new world.

· Direction:  Manon Avermaete · Performance: Manon Avermaete, Paulien Truijen, Marinke Eijgenraam or Yomi Hitijahubessy · Music: Steven Holsbeeks · Production: Oerol Festival – Atelier Oerol · Special thanks to: Hans Man in het Veld, Jeroen van den Berg, Maarten Naassens, Yvonne Seuren, Anne Baltus