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Balancing Bodies

No stage, no numbered seats, no lights that dims. Just an ordinary room with office chairs on wheels.

You take a seat, along with dozens of other spectators, and you roll through space. Four performers run around you. Inviting you to read a letter, open a gift, make a painting… Together with these four, the audience is drawn into a space that surprises and blurs the boundary between performer and spectator. A world colored by the unexpected.

In Balancing Bodies, both performers and spectators find themselves in an unpredictable space. A theatrical universe full of surprises and unexpected twists, one in which performers invite each spectator to an intimate and revelatory exchange. For Woest, the interplay between performer and spectator is central, the nucleus around which the piece orbits. Balancing Bodies is dynamic, playing with and undermining the codes of theater and life and creates a space in which nothing is as it seems. Come and experience it for yourself!

Balancing Bodies is a tough balancing act between the body as an object and objects as bodies. Woest seeks a balance between performer and audience, young and old, between foolishness and seriousness, between playfulness and organization. And they find that. Work done.

Tuur Devens – Theaterkrant (Dutch review)

Direction: Manon Avermaete • Performance: Wannes de Porre/Piet Van Dycke, Sarah Vingerhoets, Evelyne Rossie/Mayke Van Kruchten, Paulien Truijen/Carli Gellings • Soundscape: Steven Holsbeeks • Scenography: Indianen • Dramaturgy: Gerhard Verfaillie • Production: Paulien Truijen  • Co-produced by: P2 (coproduction platform CC Hasselt and Theater aan het Vrijthof) • Photography: Jeroen Trispel • With support of: Tweetakt Festival, Krokusfestival, De Brakke Grond, Dansmakers, Brakke Grond, Monty.