Lucky Shots

Can you circumvent or overcome the laws of gravity?

This question formed the starting point for Lucky Shots. Sprung from the desire to achieve that which is physically impossible; defy gravity. Call it naive or provocative, arrogant or rebellious.

Cie. Woest fought gravity and experimented with new ideas and movements. It soon became clear that they would not succeed in their mission. They were convinced that their technical and dance backgrounds would enable them to develop new mechanisms or even laws to overcome gravity. But they are ‘only’ dancers who, in their desire to be weightless, got face to face with the naked truth. More than once they had to swallow their pride. Failure, however, inspired them beyond the original question: it yielded new insights and interesting movement material. ‘Falling down’ either embarrassingly or fatally, the new starting point for Lucky Shots was born. A verb that owes its existence to gravity, and therefore, the ideal theatrical challenge

Lucky Shots is a wink to the human desire to be superhuman. Cie. Woest discovered, in her quest for an answer to gravity, a new freedom. They grow strategy out of their failure. The result is a fragmented representation. Spectators are showered with snapshots of life; different accidents, absurd images and silly situations. The laws of gravity are undeniably real. But within the theatrical context of Lucky Shots, the five performers make the rules.

Is there such a thing as gracefully falling? Certainly, Cie Woest shows it in the ingenious and humorous performance Lucky Shots.

Henri Drost –  Theaterkrant (Dutch review)


Direction: Manon Avermaete · Performance: Melanie Weijters/Judith Clijsters, Elysia McMullen, Jessica van Cauteren/Sarah Vingerhoets, Paulien Truijen/Noemi Wagner, Hannah Rogerson/Anna Zurkirchen a.o. · Music: various artists · Production:  Paulien Truijen · Photography: Jeroen Trispel, Cees Wouda, Herman Rensenbrink, Johannes Ode, Simple Studio, Sander Korvemaker, Michel Wiart, Yves Petit  · Realised with the support from: Performing Arts Fund NL, Dansmakers (NL), Festival Spoffin (NL), Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof Neerpelt (BE), Festival MiramirO (BE), Festival Deventer op Stelten (NL), Le Hangar, Amiens (FR)  · Special thanks to: Courtney Robertson, Carli Gellings, Maartje Pasman