pop-up locatievoorstellingen


 Children aged 9 – 12

A collaboration with Krokusfestival  cultuurcentrum Hasselt (Belgium).

Don’t panic, they’re probably on a lookout somewhere in the corner. And then, suddenly, they show up. Eleven young people create, together with Cie Woest, pop-up performances for Krokusfestival. You can’t buy tickets because nobody knows where and when they will be there, but they have promised to show up a few times every day. So if you’re lucky, you’ll see them, you’ll see their wonderful dance theater, their surprising act, their special performance.

Cie. Woest creates, together with Frank Vanweddingen of Brulaap, a series of pop-up performances, which will be performed by enthusiastic children for seven days in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Krokusfestival in Hasselt

Concept: Manon Avermaete & Paulien Truijen • Music: Frank Vanweddingen / Brulaap  Performance: Astrid Bytebier, Ellen Castermans, Olga Firman, Bente Gelaes, Liv Hoylaerts, Bente Meers, Emilie Smets, Amber Steyls, Abel Schuurmans, Daphne Vandenboer & Yaye Vandepoorte • Special thanks toSarah Vingerhoets, team cultuurcentrum Hasselt