a dance movie on location with youngsters


Youngsters aged 15 – 21.

The result of a week of intensive work became the dance movie Liberandum. At the bottom of this page you can see 2 films: Liberandum and a short movie in which our youngsters talk about the project and their experiences (in Dutch).

For Dag van de Dans (Day of Dance) and FARO Erfgoeddag (Heritage Day), Cie. Woest was asked to create a dance project in a special location. For this they worked together with 4 young people with little or no experience. They threw themselves completely into this professional production, a co-production of Cie. Woest with Dag van de Dans, FARO and CCHA, with support from the City of Hasselt.

Because no physical performances were allowed due to the Covid-19 measures, the choice was made to make a dance film at the selected location: the Begijnhof in Hasselt. Cie. Woest delved into the rich history of the location and the city of Hasselt. The youngsters searched for a physical language starting from themselves and examined their connection with/relationship to the location and its history. Cie Woest prefers to work on an unusual, unusual or special location and searches for a connecting language through movement and performance. The location and the body fuse together and together tell a new story.

It’s not about who can dance the best or most beautiful, but it’s about who you are. Dancing is so much more than the typical – I put on a song and I create some dance moves on it.

Mila  (15 jaar)

• Concept: Manon Avermaete & Paulien Truijen • Performers: Katrien van Engeland, Eva Franco, Mila Boven, Jade Gijsen • Partners: Dag van de Dans, cultuurcentrum Hasselt, Faro / Erfgoeddag and Stad Hasselt.  Recording & editSchietkraam • Location: Begijnhof Hasselt  Special thanks toZ33