site specific creation project with youngsters

Let The Beast Go

Age range: 12 – 18.

In collaboration with ‘Vormingscentrum Destelheide’ and BRONKS, we set up a summer camp with 14 unknown youngsters, eager to move. In 5 days we got to know each other and we created Let the beast go!

The presentation was shown at the Spot On festival in Dworp (Vormingscentrum Destelheide) on September 16, 2017.

Let the beast go’ was a whole new experience for me and I thought it was really great! The week was very different from what I had imagined, but much better than what I had imagined. We were allowed to experiment and try new things ourselves. I find this much more fun than just doing someone else’s work. I think our drive is better and become more involved. It becomes more personal. It certainly made me enthusiastic  for more!

Kate  (age 16)

 Concept: Manon Avermaete & Paulien Truijen • Performers: Kate, Noor, Olivier, Lola, Tine, Stine, Janne, Jinte, Zita, Jackie, Sofia, Vittoria. • Production: Eline Leonard • Realised with the support from: BRONKS and Vormingscentrum Destelheide