creatieproject op locatie met jongeren

VRIJDAG X Woest X Jonge Harten

Age 12-20 years.

During Festival Jonge Harten we worked with all youth groups from VRIJDAG Theater. Each group got a short creation workshop of 2 hours. On Saturday November 23, we merged the creations of these groups into one large pop-up presentation and performed it in the city center of Groningen.

Maartje Ghijssen – programmer VRIJDAG about the project: “A very successful project and a great first collaboration. The guts and adventure and your enthusiasm as makers, working visual and with movement, has whetted our appetite for more!!”

I found it very interesting that we didn’t use any text, but could still tell a story.


Concept: Manon Avermaete & Paulien Truijen • Teachers: Carli Gellings, Paulien Truijen, Manon Avermaete • Performers: 70 students of VRIJDAG Theater Groningen • Team Jonge Harten Festival: Marc Maris, Erin Stel, Merel Heering